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else.product exists for strange, unusual and dark music that doesn't adhere to any musical boundaries. Music that is compelling and might otherwise be lost.

The music itself is amazingly varied, from the afterhours carnival feel of the Denver Gentlemen, to the minimal beauty of Tactile, to the many styles Coil has inspired. If you're looking for the standard and familiar then this is not for you.
This is something else...

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Connexion Bizarre interviews Justin Headrick of elseproduct on the past, present, and future of his label.

1 – How and why did you come about starting else.product?

Before the label, there was the first Coil tribute. The Coil email list had been talking for a long while about all the musicians on the list putting their Coil inspired, remixed or cover tunes together in a collection. Eventually tracks were gathered and artists voted on the title for the collection. I suggested “Loved Stolen and Deconstructed” and that stuck. The collection was released on CDR in an edition of 300 in 1999.

The following year the Coil list started talking about wanting to do it again and as things progressed we all tried to figure out who would finance the project and gather all the tracks. So I decided to step up to the plate and put my money into something unlikely to recoup expenses….and that’s where “At The Threshold Moment” came from. Keep reading: www.connexionbizarre.net/else-product-an-interview-with-justin-headrick.

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metro pulse

Local Knoxville, TN entertainment guide, Metro Pulse, reviews November elseproduct CD release of "Streetwalker" by Surface Hoar.

Surface Hoar

Surface Hoar is the audio project of Matthew Amundsen, and Streetwalker is a six-track, half-hour collage created entirely from sounds recorded during a ghost tour through the streets of Charleston, S.C. As you might expect, the album has a dark tone. Can’t say for sure whether any of the sounds within actually emanated from the spirit world, but the voices, footsteps, and other less obvious samples have been distorted and tweaked to create an eerie soundscape.  Read more: www.metropulse.com/news/2010/dec/01/local-cd-review-surface-hoar-streetwalker/.

Limited copies of the album still available at www.elseproduct.com/catalog.html

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About this project

elseproduct was established over 10 years ago and is recently undertaking its biggest project yet. With minimal funding, three unique projects will come to life. With your help, we will be releasing a two disc compilation called "Of Spectres and Saints," as well as the new Esperik Glare album "Disruptions," and new Surface Hoar album. Each album will feature original artwork by artist Jesse Peper.

The music and artwork on "Of Spectres and Saints" will explore personal interpretations of what lies beyond the gates of death. This collection will feature two tracks by each artist involved, including: Black Sun Productions (previous work with Coil), Esperik Glare, Surface Hoar, 3z13, Behavior, Icedagaz (Jesse Peper's musical project), and Adam Stalker (Mort Douce). All music is previously unreleased. This double disc, digipak project will include an extensive full color booklet of the "Shadow Portraits" series by Jesse Peper (www.jessepeper.com). We are hoping for an All Saints Day release date for this project.

Jesse's artwork will also appear on the new Esperik Glare and Surface Hoar releases. These two discs will be released at the beginning of November as well. To listen to previous tracks by each of these artists visit their MySpace music pages.

elseproduct is not looking to make a profit, it is looking to release music that may otherwise be lost. Your donations will go towards the production and packaging of three spectacular releases; the design and printing of full color, beautifully created booklets of artwork for "Of Spectres and Saints;" as well as promotional materials and more, for all three releases. All mastering fees and artwork expenses have already been covered by elseproduct.

After years of releasing several projects we know how to keep costs low and produce high quality items. We guarantee that the end product will be a professional looking, intriguing, collaboration of art and music...a feast for your eyes and ears. We look forward to sharing this endeavor with you and passing along some very limited goodies to show our appreciation!

Project location: Denver, CO

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textures flyer
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So i've been quietly releasing music this year and figured I'd pass along the info

Here's a brief little outline of this years titles...

3z13 - transforming elements (limited to 50 copies and released September 2008)
a collection and celebration of the 20th release from elseproduct. this revisits tunes from the past 10 years and reworks them as well as tunes done last month.

Herpes Hideaway - Freedom at the End of a Razor (limited to 55 copies Released June 2008, 5 copies left) Side project of Syhpilis Sauna reflecting his exploration into suicide.

Kenji Siratori - Dead Child (limited to 66 copies Released June 2008)
Wonderful dark ambient with creepy heavily processed vocals. Artwork by Jesse Peper "Lurker At The Threshold".

Jesse Pep'er - Autophagia (limited to 50 copies and released September 2008)
check out his site www.jessepeper.com he's done shows for his artwork in NYC with HR Giger and has done almost all the more recent artwork for Edward Kaspel on BLLR. He has also worked with Not Breathing and Marcus Wolf from Crash Worship. He's been doing music for 20 years and this is his first solo release.

c.db.sn - into the deep (limited to 50 copies and released September 2008) Chase Dobson exploring deeper sounds of the electronic ocean.

Haunted Sound Laboratory - Field Recording Vol IV (limited to 50 copies and released September 2008) documents of the Haunted Sound Laboratory throughout the past years. the sounds and the evidence processed and finally available.

I will offer the following: any 4 titles for $30 including shipping (in the states). Paypal might need to add a buck or two....this includes any copies i still have from previous years...so check the elseproduct site for previous materials...




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